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What's the deal with our name?

We get asked a lot -- what is a Praetorian?

Sit back, we're about to drop some history on you.

T he Praetorian Guard were established in 275 B.C. to serve the Roman Republic then later the Roman Empire. The Praetorian Guard started as equal parts secret service, special forces, and urban administrators, but as their influence grew they became a powerful force in the empire's politics.

While the Praetorian Guard of antiquity infamously assassinated emperors and would then auction off the emperorship to the highest bidder, we take a much more modern and ethical approach to politics.

In the 21st Century, you're much more likely to need help fending off an attack from some angry hashtags than a barbarian horde. While we might not fair so well against a barbarian with an ax, we excel at defending you from a political opponent or a reporter on deadline. We also enjoy taking the fight to your opponent(s) and don't hesitate to work late nights and get our hands a little dirty to win.

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