"Win your war. Whether it's a corporate, political, or publicity fight -- your Praetorian is ready to do whatever it takes to win. We are experts in advertising, public relations, technology, social media, politics, and we are relentless. Hire us before your opponent does."

- Matt Shupe, Principal





Praetorian Public Relations was founded in 2013 in San Francisco. The concept was simple: leverage the latest technology and techniques, marshal budgets effectively, and most importantly -- win.

Not every business, organization, campaign, or elected official can afford a PR department or hire a world-famous Manhattan advertising agency.

Praetorian Public Relations is here to fill that void.  Every one of our client relationships is completely personalized and dynamic -- we won’t send you a generic and needlessly bloated proposal -- but one designed to win.



Sit back, we're about to drop some history on you.


The Praetorian Guard was established in 275 B.C. to serve the Roman Republic and later the Roman Empire. The Praetorian Guard started as equal parts secret service, special forces, and urban administrators, but as their influence grew they became a powerful force in the politics of the Roman Empire.

Today, you’re much more likely to need help fending off competitors and negative social media comments. We excel at crisis management, but more importantly, we help you avoid crises in the first place. Our experienced team can help you with your marketing, media and branding strategy, We take a proactive approach, don’t hesitate to work late nights, and come up with unconventional solutions to ensure success.